Sun and Molecule Rings

We provide a set of tools to calculate photoionization, photodissociation, and photodissociative ionization rate coefficients and the associated photon energy-weighted excess energies of the various photo products.

The program is based on two earlier publications: Solar Photo Rate Coefficients (Huebner and Carpenter, 1979) and Solar Photo Rates for Planetary Atmospheres and Atmospheric Pollutants (Huebner et al., 1992).

It considers photo fluxes for any activity of the Sun and blackbody photon fluxes for temperatures from about 100 K up to about 1 million K. The database contains cross sections for 38 atomic neutrals, 30 atomic ions, 16 diatomic molecules, 19 triatomic molecules, 14 tetratomic molecules, 11 pentatomic molecules, and 12 suprapentatomic molecules.

References are provided for the cross sections and branching ratios for the total cross sections, thresholds and branching ratios for ionization, dissociation, and dissociative ionization.